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If you’ve always wanted to be a model, but felt as though you never fell into any of the unrealistic “traditional” requirements of a model, then you’re in luck! Plus size modeling is becoming a huge industry today, and more and more agencies are starting to look for more plus size models. There are even many agencies that are starting to dedicate themselves to plus size models, because they’re coming into such high demand. But the world of plus size modeling is still a complicated one, and there are a few things to know.

What is a Plus Size Model?

Many people are surprised when they find out that the size requirement for a plus size model begins at size 8. While this may seem like a “normal” or average size to most, it opens up a world of doors for people that once thought they were too “big” to be a model. Most plus size modeling agencies are looking for models that range from the size 10 to size 16, but plus size modeling can also go as high as size 30.

The Age of a Plus Size Model

Another benefit that plus size models have over their petite counterparts is that the age requirements are also much higher. Petite models are considered to be nearing the end of their career as they approach the age of 30. But because the target market for plus size modeling is often to people in their mid-30’s, often this is when a plus size model’s career is just beginning!

Competition Amongst Plus Size Models

There are some similarities between petite models and plus size models. And one of those similarities is in the competition there is among models themselves. Plus size modeling does seem to see more opportunities and areas of modeling for their models but the competition is still fierce. Plus size models must make sure that their face is strikingly beautiful, and that their skin is exceptionally clear. Certain faces of plus size models will still stand out to different modeling agencies and so, it’s important that you make yours as uniquely beautiful as possible!

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Robyn Lawley – The Tale of a Plus Size Model

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Modeling is a cruel industry with high demands in which only the best of the best succeed. What is considered to be the best, though? In the recent years, the modeling industry promoted slender, skinny females, up to the point of becoming anorexic. However, there are still women out there who are not a size 0, yet have still managed to show the world that voluptuous is sexy. You can call them plus sized models, full-figured models, extended-sizes model, or outsize model, but they are all models. And one of the best plus size model of our time is Robyn Lawley.


Robyn Lawley was born on June 13, 1989, in Girraween, New South Wales, Australia, to Chris and Janne Lawley. At the early age of 15, she went to see a mainstream agency. Even though they were ready to sign her, Robyn said that she did not feel ready to enter this world. She came back a year later and started doing straight size modeling. This only lasted a year, after which Robyn realized that it was not worth the effort to maintain the size 8 that she was required.

Later on, when she was 18 years old, she signed with Bella model management, a plus size modeling agency based out of Australia. Although this is her mother agency, Robyn is also represented by Wilhelmina Agency in New York City, Why Not Model Agency in Milan, New Madison Models in France, Milk Management in the United Kingdom, and OKAY models in Germany.

Once she decided to become a plus size model, Robyn’s career took off and has continued to blossom ever since. She did her first magazine shoot in 2006, for Dolly. Since then, she has appeared on the cover of numerous high-end fashion magazines, including the French Elle, Marie Claire, and Revue des Modes. However, her most notable magazine appearance was the cover of the June 2011 issue of Vogue Italia, which she graced along with plus sized models Tara Lynn and Candice Huffine. The cover was shot by the renowned photographer Steven Meisel.

Robyn Lawley is also the first plus size model to be shot for Australian Vogue, as well as the first Australian plus size model to be on the cover of the Australian fashion magazine Madison. Kirstie Clements, the Editor-in-Chief for Vogue Australia, noted: “This is the first time Vogue Australia has shot a larger model and, of course, now that we have done it, I ask myself why didn’t we do it sooner. But that’s because Robyn is especially gorgeous. I went to the shoot to meet her and was transfixed by her beauty and poise. She is a truly super-duper model.

Continuing with the series of “firsts”, Robyn Lawley is also the first plus size model to appear in a campaign for the famous designer Ralph Lauren (the Fall 2012 campaign). Robyn has also advertised for other mainstream brands, such as Calzedonia’s Summer 2012 campaign. Besides the aforementioned magazines, Robyn has appeared in many other magazine editorials and has worked with notable photographers such as Lee Broomfield, Steven Meisel, Raphael Mazzucco, and Thierry le Goues.

She is also the new face of plus-size lingerie line Boux Avenue. Moreover, Robyn Lawley has walked runaways all around the world and has participated in fashion events organized in the world’s fashion capitals, including New York City and Milan. In 2011, she was voted the winner of the Australian Cosmopolitan Fun, Fearless Female, Rising Star Award. In addition to her successful career, Robyn Lawley is also a philanthropist, being very involved in charity. At the end of 2011, she became an ambassador for the Australian Ovarian Cancer charity.


Robyn Lawley is without a doubt one of the most successful plus size models of the planet. She is the living proof that women do not have to be skinny in order to be beautiful. They just have to be confident and feel good in their own skin.

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Top Five Plus Size Models

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Nowadays, fashion designers seem to have understood that models should not be scary skinny to present their beautiful clothing pieces. In real world, women are never as skinny as these models and so the trend should not be promoted. The many cases of anorexia diagnosed among teenage girls seems to have been a wakeup call for the fashion industry, as designers realized that the trend they were promoting linked to body image was not the adequate one.

Fashion designers also began to understand the potential that plus-size models can have, their amazing modeling skills, but also their attractive appearance and their popularity among people from all around the world.

Here is a top of the most beautiful and successful plus-sized models of our time.

1. Crystal Renn is without a doubt one of the best known and most famous plus-sized models in the world. The American model became highly famous thanks to her appearance on the Harper’s Bazaar cover, as well as her Vogue covers. One of the most interesting things about this beautiful star is that she had a lot to suffer because of the requirements imposed to young girls aspiring to become models.

Crystal actually developed anorexia, as she was told to lose weight if she wanted to receive a modeling contract. The star gave up her career in the industry and only returned when healthy body imagine began being promoted. She managed to return to a healthy size and also released a book sharing her story, Hungry: A Young Model’s Story of Appetite, Ambition and the Ultimate Embrace of Curves.


2. Tara Lynn is another really famous plus-sized model. The star achieved worldwide success thanks to her appearance on the cover of the French Elle magazine. Tara has always talked about changing the face of the fashion industry, which should be more about real-sized women and not skinny girls.


3. Kate Dillon also began her career in the modeling industry at an early age. The star was only 6 when she started to work with Elite. Such as Crystal, Kate also suffered from anorexia, but she managed to overcome her health issues. She appeared in many campaigns and magazine covers, even though she is not a skinny girl. She was featured in Vogue, too.

Kate sustains a healthy body image and self-esteem, aiming to help young girls who want to make it big in modeling realize that being healthy is much more important than being thin. Kate was also named one of the Most Beautiful People in 2000, by People Magazine.

4. Maggie Brown became a star the moment when she won Tyra’s Thick and Sexy Top Model Contest, a famous Tyra Banks show. She is a beautiful exotic plus-sized model and she was featured on the cover of an impressive number of magazines. Such as the three plus-sized models aforementioned, Maggie also wants to make a difference for the young girls who want to become models. The star claimed that she just wants to be a positive example.


5. Toccara Jones made her first notable public appearance as a contestant at America’s Next Top Model. Even though she was eliminated from the show, Toccara got a contract with Wihelmina models. She supports both black and plus-sized models and she also launched a workout DVD, Toccara’s Fabulous Work-Out for Real Size Women.


Using plus size models in advertising campaigns, but also on the catwalk makes fashion more accessible to the target population. Ideal body models may be beautiful and actually perfect, but they surely do not seem to be the best choice in presenting clothing items, at least to buyers. Unlike these models, plus-sized girls are considered to look healthy and beautiful.

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Tara Lynn Appears As A Plus Size Model For H&M

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Even if H&M usually uses supermodels like Gisele Budchen in its campaigns, sometimes skinny girls lose the battle in favor of curvy girls. This is the case in one H&M campaign where plus size model Tara Lynn is the star. The fashion chain picked a new model for their swimsuit collection called Big is Beautiful. Finally, one important clothing company shows that stereotypes are not healthy and tries to impose a different kind of body in the images that promotes its products all around the world. Tara Lynn is one of the most appreciated models in this weight category and her pictures for this campaign are absolutely wonderful. Although she has a huge success in present, life did not treat Tara very nice always. In high school, she had to face the expectations of her colleagues and as she did not, she suffered a lot. Tara Lynn confessed that she had problems because other kids were bullying her and making her feel uncomfortable.

However, in present, Tara Lynn is the star of the Big is Beautiful H&M collection. The designer of this collection, Lisa Hajian recognizes the importance of being conscious in fashion, moreover if the young segment is the problem. Girls are heavier nowadays, so the campaigns must address to them in a beautiful manner. H&M is one of the first companies that embraces diversity, trying to promote in the same time a message about the importance of being healthy. The beautiful brunette is big and healthy, a thing that is very important for H&M, a company that does not want to send a wrong message to its clients.

Tara Lynn was chosen for the Big is Beautiful campaign because she represents the young customers that H&M has and for which the company is creating. In the sizes between 16 and 30, campaigns were rarely made in the past and the choices of clothing were most times ugly. H&M wants to change this, so a plus size model has such an important role in this campaign. It is very important for girls to be at peace with their bodies even if they are fuller, this is why Tara Lynn was the perfect choice of H&M. She is beautiful and confidant and looks magnificent in swim wear, although she is not one of the regular skinny models that people are used to see.

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Plus Size Model Has Important Future Opportunities

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Today, having a slim body is very fashionable and many teenagers or even women struggle to have certain sizes and they often do not eat as they should. It is alright to have a good shape of your body, but not too slim. However, the idea of very small sizes has begun from the fashion presentations and the requirements in this field are very clear and hard to follow as you have to be on a permanent diet to have the body that will fit the cloths the designers make.

As this is not a healthy example at all and not all the women wanted or could look as this, the plus size model requirements was the perfect thing ready to show that being beautiful can mean a different thing also. Plus size model is the name of a model that woks in the modeling plus-size clothing. Plus size model can work in other fields other than this, so it is not a must. Plus size model requirements are not so strict as in the case of the typical models that we know. Plus size model presents the clothing for the larger size people or even for those who are overweight.

One of the plus size model requirements is to ensure that their face is very clear and that looks also very healthy. It seems that plus size model has many opportunities in the future as the trend of very slim bodies will disappear and women will opt for a healthier body. Agencies look for plus size model to embody all the sizes that are encountered among women. As the typical models are very slim, many women who take those as a model are very frustrated and they have to accept that they have other body and they do not have to stay without eating to be like those models. So, in case you have a larger size that the traditional models, you still can have a successful career as a plus size model, so do not worry that the agencies will not accept you.

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Plus-Sized Modeling Career

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The modeling industry has undergone major changes over the last two decades. In the past, if a woman wanted to be a model, her body had to fit very specific dimensions. Regardless of her beauty or personality, if she didn’t fit these dimensions, there was no way that she could become a model. However, this is no longer the case. The reason that things have changed so much is because many companies have realized that they were missing out on a lot of valuable opportunities by limiting their selection of models to such a small percentage of women. Although there are plenty of situations where people want to see a stereotypical model displaying clothes, that doesn’t mean that’s all the public wants to see. One of the biggest changes in the public over the last two decades is that a larger percentage have come to want to see people in magazines and on television that look like them. Since traditional models only look like a very small amount of normal women, companies are now looking for models in a wider range of sizes.

If you have an interest in modeling but aren’t the size of the traditional model, you can still have a successful career as a plus-size model. For this type of modeling, your shapely figure can be a significant asset. If you decide this is something that you want to pursue, you want to make sure that you choose an agency that specializes in this form of modeling. They will have the connections and resources to make your career go as far as possible.

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Plus Size Model Measurements

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Many people are under the assumption that a plus size model is someone who is a bit heavier and wears the same clothing that they do. However, this is not the case for most plus size models as they don’t actually wear the sizes that they are advertising. Furthermore, more plus size models engage in other advertising ventures and can be seen in ads for clothing, apparel accessories, and even things that aren’t related to clothing and fashion like attorney services, cleaning products and cosmetics.

This versatility in advertising clearly shows that models that are considered “plus size” are no less talented than those who are considered average models. Because of this talent, there are still strict guidelines for what body type and person will be considered for an advertising campaign. In most cases the same stipulations will apply to the plus size models as those that are set forth when the same company chooses a regular size model. Generally speaking, the model will need to be at least 5’9″ with a clear complexion and well proportioned body (not an overly thin waist with large hips).

Much of the time, plus size models will actually be modeling mock ups of the clothing that they are selling as they are actually about the size of the average American woman. Sizes 6 through 10 are those that are normally seen in plus size advertisements whereas most average advertisements depict women who are sizes 2 or 3 or smaller.

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